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Gambling in India is governed by strict rules and laws by the states.

You can only play real money gambling only from limited land-based casinos.

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How to Play Poker88 – Basic of The Game

To be really profitable in online gambling, you must fully understand the game you are deciding to play with.

As one of the most played games at Fun88, the poker game is very popular worldwide for its simplicity, and the excitement felt during each round.

How to Play Poker88 - Basic of The Game - Hand Ranking

How to Play Poker88 – Basic of The Game – Hand Ranking

Check out below some critical rules on how to play Poker using online.

  • Similar to how to play Poker88 with land-based casinos, online gaming has the same rules.
  • During the game, each player will receive two cards from their hand while three cards will be dealt with the table from time to time.
  • To be a winner from each round, the player must have the highest Poker hand of all the players. See the picture before for the reference for Poker hand ranking.

Link 1Link 2Link 3Link 4

Some terms you must remember during each round:

    • Call – this action means you are placing the same amount of bet from the previous player.
    • Raise – this means you are adding more chips from the last player’s bet.
    • All-in – normally done during a good hand; this means the player is willing to bet all his chips available on hand.
    • Fold – contrary; this action means you are withdrawing that specific round and decide to lose all your existing bets.
How to Play Poker88 - Basic of The Game

How to Play Poker88 – Basic of The Game

  • Be a winner also not only by getting the highest hand rank; it is possible to win if now other call or raise has been done after you make a bet or if all other players folded their hand.

So simple, isn’t it?

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Win Big - Register Now and Play Poker - Mobile

Win Big – Register Now and Play Poker – Mobile

Play Poker Online Fun88 – Summary

How to play Poker is indeed so simple.

Whether you are new to these gambling games, you will surely enjoy this game.

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