Hi Lo Fun88 Rules | Guess the Card and Win Big with Hi Lo Online Fun88

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Hi Lo Fun88 Review – Playtech Featured Card Game

The easy-to-play card-comparing game Hi Lo Fun88 is now one click away with your fingertips. Developed by Playtech, you can play real money gambling in India legally and securely.

Playtech Live casino games like Hi Lo feature top-notch gaming tables in HD video streaming and sound effects. See this quick guide on how to play Hi Lo Fun88 live. Place your lucky guess and win by simply choosing whether high or low.

Hi Lo Fun88 Review

Hi Lo Fun88 Review – Playtech Featured Card Game

Secure links will redirect you to the official website. Join now! Fun88 will surely deliver you the best gaming journey ever that exceeds your expectations of any casino gaming website. Read more below and learn the basic Hi Lo Fun88 rules of the game.

Basics on How to Play Hi Lo Fun88

For every new player in casinos, Hi Lo is one of the recommended games to play. Its rules are so simple and perfect for everyone who wants a fast and straightforward game. Below are the steps on how to access Hi Lo at Fun88 India.

First, refer to the trusted links on this page to access the official website. Then, sign up for an account by clicking the “Join Now” button in the upper right corner of the page. For mobile users, simply swipe and find the “Register” button on the lower part of the screen.

How to Play Hi Lo Fun88

Basics on How to Play Hi Lo Fun88

After creating an account, click on the Fun88 Live Casino collection from the menu and look for the Playtech casino collection. Choose the Hi Lo game and start playing like a pro! Navigate the website now and start enjoying the best betting experience at Fun88!

Hi Lo Fun88 Basic Rules

As earlier stated, this game is perfect for new gamblers. The main goal of this game is to correctly guess the winning hand. Below are the basics of how to play Hi Lo Fun88.

Hi Lo Fun88 Rules

  • This casino table game is playable with unlimited players.
  • It is composed of 6-decks of standard cards during the game.
  • The cards are ranked from the lowest 2 to the highest Ace Card.
Hi Lo Fun88

Hi Lo Fun88 Basic Rules

  • In each round, the first 3 cards are burned, and the 4th card becomes the base card.
  • The winning card then becomes the next base card of the game.
  • To win the game, simply predict whether the next card is higher or lower than the base card.
  • The payout is listed and updated on the table depending on the base card.
  • A variety of side bets are available to play with, such as Suit Type, A, A|K, and number group.


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Fun88 Hi Lo Promotions and Offers

Get up to a 400% VIP welcome bonus at Fun88 today when you join from the link on this page. It is true that playing with Fun88 is more rewarding and profitable. Aside from that, you can enjoy other first deposit promos such as 100% up to INR 10,000 and a reload bonus of up to INR 75,000.

Fun88 Hi Lo Promotions

Fun88 Hi Lo Promotions and Offers

In addition to that, you may also refer your friend to Fun88 and collect an instant INR 500 upon his first deposit. Visit Fun88 today and play together and take advantage of the best Fun88 Hi Lo promotions online. Below are some of the frequently asked questions from the website.

Hi Lo Fun88 – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the Fun88 and Hi Lo games?
A: Fun88 is the best online casino platform in India. In partnership with Playtech, the company offers a card-comparing game, Hi Lo.

Q: What are the basic rules for playing Hi Lo live casino?
A: Hi Lo’s main goal is to predict whether High or Low is the result of a drawn hand.

Q: How can I access Hi Lo at Fun88?
A: Use the link on this page and click the Join Now button. Find Hi Lo games under Live Casino – Playtech Collections.

Q: What bets are available for Hi Lo Live at Fun88?
A: High, Low, Snap, 2|3|4|5, 6|7|8|9, J|Q|K|A, Suite type, and more.

Q: Will Fun88 add more Hi Lo tables in 2023?
A: Yes! They are adding more games and Hi Lo variant tables for Fun88 members.

Summary for Hi Lo Fun88 Review

Now that you know the rules and what Fun88 Hi Lo Promotions you can enjoy from the website, you may now get started. Use Fun88 Live Casinos to play this game and make your fortunate guesses online. Join the Fun88 Club to play its fantastic selection of games and have a chance to win big.


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